Lotion No.02 - Lotion Fixative  (Up Lamination)

Lotion No.02 - Lotion Fixative (Up Lamination)

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A revolutionary treatment, for those who want to have longer and stronger eyelashes and much more ease on a daily basis!

Lotion No. 02 - Fixative promotes the restoration of the structure of the natural eyelashes, it gives more curl, deep hydration and a thicker effect after the first procedure! Lamination is a great alternative for eyelash extension or for clients with sensitivity. The components of the lamination products include substances that give natural lashes a dramatic curl, improving their color and luminosity for up to 8 weeks, with no maintenance required!


LOTION No. 02: Using a micro cotton swab, apply Lotion No. 2 to the eyelashes. If you don't want to tint, leave it for 10 minutes. If you want to tint, apply a thin layer of Lotion No. 02 and let the product act on the lashes for 2 minutes, then apply the tint mixture on the lashes (1: 1 Lotion No. 03 + Lotion No. 02). Let the color mixture to act for 8 minutes. It is important to note that Lotion No. 02 (or mixture) is applied to the same areas of the lashes as Lotion No. 01. Gently remove Lotion No. 02 (or mixture) with another dry cotton swab, moving it in the direction of the roots to the tips of the lashes.

Expiration: unopened container: 1 year. After opening: 6 months.

30-40 applications.


✔ Perform a sensitivity test before use. See a doctor if you have an allergic reaction.

✔ Do not use the same cotton swab when working with lotions. Always use a new cotton swab for each step.

✔ Keep containers tightly closed between procedures. This preserves the effectiveness of the lotions.

✔ In case of eye contact: rinse thoroughly with water. If necessary, consult a doctor.

✔ For advice and more information, contact our team.