Super Soft 0.20 Eyelashes

Super Soft 0.20 Eyelashes

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Our Super Soft Eyelashes have a flat and conical base that allow an easy application. Also known as “Elipse”, these eyelashes look like a 0.20mm with the same weight of a 0.07mm, allowing your procedure to achieve a voluminous appearance without causing excessive weight on the natural lashes. They are ideal for clients who want to have considerable volume, and do not have enough eyelashes to support larger diameters, as well as for professionals who do not yet work with Russian Volume technique.

Product Details:

20 rows per box (approximately 4,000 lashes)

Heated twice to ensure the durability of the curl

Manufactured with high quality and sterilized PBT fibers

Available curl: C, CC, D

Advantages: Great flexibility and softness

Available diameter:  0.20mm

Sizes available:

8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm e 14 mm;Mixed boxes in the following presentation:1 row 8mm | 1 row 9 mm | 4 rows 10mm | 4 rows 11mm | 4 rows of 12 mm | 4 rows 13mm | 2 rows 14mm